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ECD encompasses a range of child care and education service for children from birth to eight years.

Expected out comes

  1. - Children are supported to learn and develop.

-          Happy and engaged and their quality of life is enhanced.

-          Safe and healthy.

  1. Families are confident and secure in the that their child is safe and happy
  • Families are supported to participate in programs for children.
  • Have access to information to guide their ECD choices.
  • Access to support/guide their parenting.
  • The capacity to participate in the labour force.
  1. Community needs are addressed by ECD providers and systems.
  2. Staff has the knowledge and skills to ensure that individual children’s education and care needs are met.
  3. Staff are supported and resourced to exercise professional judgements that promote positive outcomes for children.
  4. ECD services are supported to respond to current thinking and research about children’s developmental and learning needs.

    Quality areas to be observed

    1. Children’s health and safety (deworming, immunization, nutrition, protection etc.)      
    2. Education, programs and practice.
    3. Physical environment.
    4. Staff arrangement.
    5. Collaboration with partners.
    6. Leadership and Service Management.  

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