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vii ) Mathematics Activities

ECDE children should be able to :-

-          Acquire understanding of the basic mathematical skills and concepts

-          Acquire positive attitude towards mathematics in order to influence the children to develop the right attitudes towards mathematics.

-          develop suitable activities to facilitate acquisition of the skills and concepts

-          develop suitable material and activities for young children


-          Sorting and grouping

-          Pairing and matching

-          Number recognition

-          Rote counting

-          Number value

-          Ordering and sequencing


  • Scarce resources to provide adequate quality service for the children.
  • Teaching leaning towards examination
  • Insufficient assessment of competencies.
  • Activities are teacher driven rather than child centered.
  • Large enrolment poses challenges for teacher 1:46
  • Inadequate research about children’s and Centre development
  • Unfriendly learning environment
  • Cultural activities eg babysitting, herding promote absenteeism and late enrolment in preschool.
  • Inadequate teacher self-monitoring/ reflection after lesson presentation.
  • Skills in development of materials using locally available resources.
  • Inadequate knowledge and skills in imparting life skills and advocacy on child rights.

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