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The Department held a meeting on Date 28/1/2016 planning the proccess of partnership programs with Claycort Schools Partners.

Meeting of the planning committee.

Planning committee members

  1. CEC Education – Rachel Ng’eno
  2. CO Education – David Kurgat
  3. CO Social – Caro Chebet
  4. Director ECD – Juliana Rono
  5. ECD QASO – Vivian Mosonik
  6. ECD teacher – Judy Chepkemoi
  7. CO Public Health and Environment – Dan Kirui
  8. CO Health Services – David Mutai
  9. Director Liasions – DR. Mercy Korir

The sectoral members are representatives from;

  1. Public health and sanitation and Environment
  2. Social services
  3. Administration
  4. ICT
  5. Education department

The agenda of the planning meeting was for the process of partnership program with Claycots Schools from the UK.

The planning committee discussed the date and programme for the UK participants which will be from 5th to the 13th of February 2016.

Objectives of the visit

  • Needs analysis
  • Roles of different departments
  • Develop a profile on their support on ECD

Roles of the sectoral members;

1. Social department

            - Identify culture and artifacts

2. Health and sanitation and environment deal on issues concerning;

            - Nutrition and diet (GMP – growth monitoring and promotion kits)

            - Children hygiene and sanitation

            - Deworming and supplementation of vitamin A

3. Health services

            - Immunization programs

            - Supports children with deformities through compassionate funds

            - Creation of awareness of public awareness on health services

4. Education department

            - Identification of ECD centers to be visited

            - Creation of ideal classroom setups

            - Designing a program for the whole visit exercise

            - Make a budget for the cultural dancers and to support the entertainment activities


Our Patners

Claycots School -U.K

ECDE Service Providers

  1. Bomet County
  2. NGOs
  3.  Stakeholders
  4. Community
  5. Individual  Patners
  6. FBOs
  7. CBOs



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