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A county is as good as its system of education. If this system is neglected the society as a whole will disintegrate. This is because an educated society is an empowered society.

The Department is committed to offer Quality, accessible and equitable pre-primary education With the aim of improving enrollment rate in pre primary level .We have energetic youth with the potential for reservoir in labor and building their skills .To achieve our commitments we want to offer our investors the opportunity to invest in the following key areas:

Early Child Development

Educational Vacational Training

Youth Development and Promotion of Sports

The population for this (3-6 years) age group is currently approximately 54347. This age group constitutes 6.3 per cent of total population according to the 2015 population projections. The expected increase will require the County to put up additional Early Childhood Development Centers (ECD) and improve the quality of service delivery through training more teachers and provision of more learning and teaching materials as well as the construction of additional educational facilities.

There are currently 1200 ECDE centers within the county, 955 public and 245 private centers with a total enrolment of approximately 54347students and 2851 teachers. Only 955 of these children go to public ECD, which means 159,000 who have not been enrolled in school yet. The current access rate in ECDE is 67% and the rate of enrolment is bound to increase if these learning institutions and technical capacity of those involved in these institutions is enhanced.

In addition, over the past 20 years, approximately 120,000, (40%) of our children in Bomet County have not made it beyond Standard 8 and today form part of the County we call our youth in Bomet. These children make the majority of our present youth who lack the required qualifications to become an empowered workforce that is able to contribute economically to the society.

The Department of Education and Children looks forward to its continued collaboration with the children of Bomet, their parents and various stakeholders, in preparing our children for life!


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